Express Your Inner World

Let the conversation begin.

It’s not our style to tell you what is or isn’t good design. After all, interior design is about relationships between people and things.

Some of these can be learned… like how light plays with color, and how objects define space. But the most complex relationship is how you want your interior space to respond to you. This can’t be taught. It has to be discovered. And this is what we live for—helping you express your interior world in ways that are better than you imagined.

Our clients tell us that we are great listeners, and that we have an uncanny ability to understand what they want, even when they don’t know themselves. You’ll see that we enjoy lighting design and that we understand engineering and architecture well enough to know when walls can be moved. No job is too big or too small. In fact, we are particularly fond of designing for small spaces. But enough about us. Let’s talk about you.


Lighting can make or break a space, and yet it is so often overlooked. The right lighting can create intimacy, celebrate textures and inspire curiosity. Lighting design can respond to your circadian rhythms, improve your mood, or demand appreciation as a work of art. It even has the power to raise the ceiling, or at least your perception of it. Yes, we love lighting design.


The beautiful thing about space is that it is open to many interpretations. We start by understanding how you like to live, so that a room conforms to your preferences and not the other way around. Thanks to our background in architecture and engineering, we often see new possibilities where others see walls.